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Suspended Scaffolding

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Suspended Scaffold Installation in Quebec

Do you need a suspended scaffold installed for your next commercial or residential project? Installation EMC in Gatineau assists you in the installation of suspended scaffolding and other types of scaffolding with the utmost safety and precision. It creates a working floor that allows workers to reach high areas more easily and get the job done with ease.

If you are looking for experienced and trustworthy professionals who can simplify the task of scaffolding installation, contact our experts today.

Indeed, the use of a scaffolding will give you several benefits because they are :

  • Useful for masonry work, glazier's work, exterior cladding, window cleaning, etc.

  • Economical

  • Faster

  • Allows you to cover a large area with less equipment

How Does The Suspended Scaffold Work?

Suspended scaffolds are temporary constructions suspended from buildings to perform maintenance or repair work on a facade or other work areas located at height. If you are a professional working in the construction industry, these scaffolds are a good option for all your repair or maintenance work. Due to its flexibility, this scaffolding option is safe for working at heights. This structure does not stay on the ground, but is suspended by fixings at height.

Our experience and knowledge of the industry have earned us a reputation as experts in the field. When you choose Installation EMC, you get a full range of services and products to get the job done with ease.

Type of Scaffolding

Suspended scaffold or bracket scaffold

  • Provides unparalleled support to the entire structure with its bracket support

  • Works the same as fixed scaffolds

Suspended scaffold or swing scaffold

  • Recommended for a fixed and solid installation for a single work area

  • Consists of a flexible lashing platform and is secured by cables

Depending on your project, our team of specialists can help you choose the type of scaffolding that would be best for you. With any type of scaffolding, it is important to respect the safety rules.


If you are planning to undertake painting, masonry or general repair or renovation work, rolling scaffolding will be very useful. Installation EMC offers you a rolling scaffold rental service in Gatineau. 

Some of its characteristics are:

  • Modular

  • Safe

  • Easy to move and assemble

  • Strong and sturdy

  • Convenient to handle

  • Competitive prices

These scaffoldings must be used in compliance with certain safety standards. Therefore, we suggest that you hire professionals for your projects. Call us!

You Have a Cleaning Company?

Opt for a suspended scaffolding for work at height to avoid accidents.

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