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Scaffolding Installation Throughout Quebec

Are you starting a new construction project in Quebec? Whether it's the construction of a large building or general repairs, worker safety is equally important. You cannot compromise on equipment or other necessary structures. Installation EMC specializes in the installation of scaffolding of all kinds. Thanks to our experience and workers' incomparable skills, we can install any scaffolding on a site anywhere in Quebec.

Installation EMC can help you assemble, dismantle and supervise rosette scaffolding for any new project. You're not sure which scaffold would best suit your project? Do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance. Call us.

The Features

Having worked with several construction sites over the years, we suggest you opt for rosette scaffolding systems. Because of its simple design and easy installation process, it is trendy. Although there are other scaffolds available on the market, rosette scaffolds are always a priority for our team because of the easy setup.

The rosette is a flat, round piece of metal with nine openings: 1 in the middle and 8 on edge. Its flower-like design justifies its name. Due to its unique design, the rosette can accommodate multiple connections simultaneously at angles of 45° or 90°.

Complex Constructions Made Simple

You can choose any scaffolding system for the repair and construction of low-rise buildings. But for tall buildings and complex structures, rosette scaffolding installations are a reliable and efficient option. Because of its design, it can be arranged in multiple ways, giving you the possibility of a custom installation. At Installation EMC, we prefer to use them for special events (stands) and the industrial sector (tight spaces). On sites with different structures such as bridges or slopes, rosette scaffolding installations simplify the work. 

We care about your safety and our workers' safety, so we ensure to check the quality of all equipment before using it. The pieces of equipment used are the following:

  • Beams

  • Standard posts (or without studs)

  • Single and double stringers (horizontal or intermediate)

  • Safety pins (also called pig tails)

  • Stairs

  • Diagonal bracing

  • Side brackets

  • Safety barriers

  • Pole adapters

  • Various additional accessories

Why Choose Rosette Systems for Scaffolding?

It is possible to have up to eight connection possibilities on a single rosette at angles other than 90° (or curves). Here are some of its other features:

  • Flexible

  • Ergonomic design

  • Easy to assemble (no screws or bolts)

  • Used for hard-to-reach places

  • Virtually unlimited configurations

  • Durable galvanized steel structures

Working in Conformity with Standards

Our team has the expertise to ensure secure and reliable installations.


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