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Construction Fencing

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Construction Fence Installation in Quebec

Every construction site has different safety requirements. You cannot ignore these safety measures, whether minor or significant. At Installation EMC in Gatineau, we offer innovative and unique security solutions for workers and the general public. With our complete fencing system installation service, you can rest assured that construction work can continue unhindered.

We offer cost-effective, durable and reliable options for traditional plywood options. Contact us to discuss your next project!

Why Choose Us?

  • All our safety solutions are offered, considering the construction site's requirements. You don't have to worry about unauthorized access with security clips, spike ramps and locking hardware.

  • Our safety solutions are not only for worker safety but also focus on the general public's safety.

  • Depending on the type of project, our "fence guys" offer you their expert advice.

  • Configured for roadside, high tide or high winds, our fences hold up more durably and reliably than traditional options available on the market.

  • Access designed in consideration of personnel and vehicle access.

You can also opt for branded fencing options to increase your company's visibility without compromising on money and security. 

Our rental fences have a welded metal design and interlocking system that provide outstanding security. They are also available in a variety of heights to choose from, depending on your needs. Give us a call!

Protected and Secured Grounds

Installation EMC takes care of the installation of fences to secure and protect your construction sites.

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